Ylang Ylang, Does It Make Great Perfumes?

Ylang Ylang, Does It Make Great Perfumes?

Are You Familiar With Ylang Ylang?

Ylang ylang is a tropical tree native to the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Its common name means "flower of flowers" in Tagalog, due to its lovely floral scent. The essential oil derived from its flowers is widely used in perfumery and aromatherapy.

Perfumes with Ylang Ylang Notes

Ylang ylang has a unique exotic scent that adds depth, warmth, and sensuality to any fragrance. It's often described as sweet, floral, fruity, and slightly spicy with woody undertones. This versatile ingredient can be found in a variety of perfumes and fragrances, from light floral scents to rich oriental blends.

Some popular perfumes with ylang ylang notes include:

Chanel No. 5: This iconic perfume features top notes of ylang ylang, along with jasmine and rose, creating a timeless and elegant fragrance.

Tom Ford Black Orchid: Ylang ylang is a key ingredient in this seductive and luxurious scent, blending with notes of black truffle and patchouli.

Jo Malone London Red Roses: Ylang ylang adds a sweet and romantic touch to this fresh and modern rose fragrance.

Thinking about making your own perfume with Ylang Ylang?

Here's a recipe for you to try.

DIY Ylang Ylang Perfume Recipe


-15 drops of ylang ylang essential oil
-10 drops of bergamot essential oil
-5 drops of patchouli essential oil
-5 drops of jasmine essential oil
-Carrier oil (such as jojoba, almond, or fractionated coconut oil)


-In a glass bottle, combine the essential oils in the listed proportions.
-Add carrier oil to dilute the essential oils and fill up the bottle.
-Give it a good shake to mix the oils together.
-Let it sit for at least 24 hours to allow the scent to develop.
-Enjoy your own unique ylang ylang perfume!

Benefits of Ylang Ylang

In addition to its fragrant appeal, ylang ylang also offers several benefits for the mind and body. Its calming properties make it a popular choice in aromatherapy for reducing stress and anxiety. It is also believed to have aphrodisiac effects, making it a common ingredient in romantic perfumes.

Some other potential benefits of ylang ylang include:

-Improved mood and relaxation
-Reduced inflammation
-Lowered blood pressure
-Enhanced skin health

Sustainability of Ylang Ylang

The demand for ylang ylang essential oil has led to concerns about sustainability. However, efforts are being made to ensure the responsible and ethical sourcing of ylang ylang flowers. This includes using sustainable harvesting methods and supporting local communities that rely on ylang ylang production.

Summing Things Up ...

Ylang Ylang is a beautiful and versatile ingredient in perfumery that adds depth, warmth, and sensuality to any fragrance. Its exotic scent and numerous benefits make it a popular choice for perfumes and aromatherapy.

As with any natural resource, it's important to support sustainable practices in order to preserve the beauty and benefits of ylang ylang for generations to come. So, next time you are looking for a new perfume, consider one with ylang ylang notes and appreciate its unique and sustainable beauty.

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